Where’s My Damn Boots!?

The call came while I was driving home. My favorite song was playing on Pandora, the sky looked beautiful. I didn’t recognize the number. Typically, when I don’t recognize the number aaaand my favorite song is on, I let voicemail pick up, because it most often turns into a longer conversation than I have time for at that moment. But something told me I had to answer it, now. And so I did.

It was a woman who had recently lost her husband. She kept her composure on the phone, but I could tell she was desperate to understand and know that her husband was still with her in spirit. We sat up a date, and I told her I would come to her. The night came and as I pulled into her drive way she met me outside.

Upon entering her home I noticed two tan wicker lawn furniture chairs sitting basically in the middle of a door way, inside the heart of the kitchen. It was then that she said this is where we would be sitting for the reading. I instantly knew and felt that it was in this spot that her husband had passed. And it was in that moment I met her husband Dave.

The reading went very well, we shared tears and laughs. And as usual I felt that she understood we had most definitely made a connection with her sweetie based on the evidence that was provided. Everything, from an ankle/foot injury that he thanked her for taking care of Every. Single. Day, to what his pup liked, that the kitchen was his favorite spot, how he passed, and even some of his daily habits. But the home run came when, he said simply “Where are my damn boots!?”

It was almost in a demanding maybe even angry tone, but I could tell he was kidding! This beautiful woman who was filled with mostly tears gasped with laughter. She addressed him directly, as if I wasn’t even there (which I appreciate! They can hear you!) she said Dave, “I’m not spending anymore money on those boots!”

She said that before Daves passing, he was having some very special and very expensive boots hand made specifically for him. This was a must due to his foot/ankle injury and the fact that he was in a wheel chair ( if I remember correctly). Apparently there were some issues on the part of the boot maker, it was taking much longer than expected to have them made and they were asking for more money as well. Since they were going to be boots that only Dave could have even worn, and he had passed she decided to not pay anymore money on them.

Typical husband 🙂 giving her a “hard time”, being on the other side doesn’t stop that!

Happy Valentines Day from your sweet heart D…


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