Universal Intervention??

The text read something like this… hello, my name is Erica my friend Kristen gave me your number and I wanted to set up a reading with you. My husband and I are having trouble getting pregnant and I was hoping you could give me some insight on the situation?

My client Kristen knew that my husband and I also had trouble trying to conceive a child, as I told her once during a reading. It took us nearly 4 years! She had told Erica about me, thinking I may be able to bring her some answers one way or another, some advice, something!

However, when I read this message, I knew this was something I wasn’t comfortable with. I knew all to well the emotional roller coaster a woman endures while struggling to get pregnant. I just wasn’t willing to be the person that had to tell her a child wasn’t in the cards for her, should that be the case. Or worse, what if I did see her with a child one day, but my prediction was wrong. I am human you know, I can be wrong sometimes. I give myself the permission to be wrong (now that’s rare, in fact my husband would say that has never even happened, but It has, and I do).

I told Erica how I felt about this and she understood. I also told her I would gladly text her and give her any help I could along the way, and we began to text here and there, on and off for months. I offered up a few tips, some metaphysical, and some medical things my doctor had put me through that I thought helped.

Then one day I was traveling about 2 hours from my home town to Columbia Missouri, to visit a shop called Heart, Body, and Soul. (If you have never been and you are in the Columbia area, stop in!) I had contacted the owners there and planned to give them a reading, in hopes that they would host me one day as a featured reader. I walked in at my scheduled time, and said to the nice lady behind the counter “hello, I’m Britney Buckwalter and I’m here to read for Cat and Deb”. Before the lady could respond I hear a woman behind me say “Your Britney Buckwalter?!”.

That’s not something I often hear and at the risk of being rude to the girl at the desk, I turned around to see who said that. I felt so bad because I didn’t recognize the woman standing in front of me at all. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say, luckily just in that moment she said “ I’m Erica!!”. I nearly fell over! I knew exactly who she was. The moment she told me her name I knew the Universe was working HARD to put her in my path! I knew I had to read her, and I KNEW that in some way I would help her in life.

I still find it hard to believe that we just happened to be at the same place, at the same time, when we live two hours away from each other, and that I happened to walk-in, just before her appointment (before she was taken back for an Astrology reading, in which case we would have missed each other) and announced who I was, close enough to her that she could hear… I know If she hadn’t heard me say my name I would not have recognized her or said a word. The Universe knew that… they turned up the volume for me… because clearly I wasn’t getting the message!

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