The Winning Number

Last night I attended an art gallery event for someone very special to me. Her name is Pat Kerns, and to say the least, she has become like a mother to me. Don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful mother who I am very blessed to have. However, Pat and I share a different kind of  bond, one that goes back to spirituality, mediumship, and speaking “my” language (something I rarely find in others).

In order for you to get the full effect of this story, you might find it helpful to read a previous story I wrote here on my blog about the very special way I met Pat, and how I knew I would be meeting her! It is called “Do You Ever Suprise Yourself”. In a nut shell, I met Pat after the passing of her son Thadd. She approached me on facebook about one of my posts, “Angel Readings”. I told her, simply, that I had been waiting for her. Since her reading we have been incredibly close. In fact I consider her son Thadd to be someone very special as well ( I never knew him in life, but he is one of the most outgoing spirits I have ever met!) Through this, I was also introduced to Thadds’ girlfriend Liza. The three of us often do a group text where we will all message each other together, random thoughts, questions, interesting things that happened to us recently as a result of Spirit or the Universe, or sometimes just to get together.

Earlier in the week Pat and I had a conversation about how I have consistently been seeing the number 11:11. Which, interestingly enough, is Thadds’ birthday. On the day of the Art Event Liza sent a group message to us saying that ever since Thadds’ passing she has seen 11:11 almost daily. However, now she sees 11:10 it’s always just one number off. She said she thinks that this is his way of telling her it is okay to move on, that it is time. I completely agreed with this statement, and also told her, that I found this funny, because I was now seeing 11:11 everywhere.

Later that night, I was getting ready for the Art event. I would meet Liza there, however I was running late, do to a fiasco with my four year old and a tube of lipstick! I really wanted to make it before Pat gave her speech. I walked in just as she was finishing up. The moment I walked in everyone noticed, because it was completely  silent, other than the person (Pat) speaking. A lady rushed up to me and gave me a little blue ticket, number 2312415. A couple of minutes later they said we will now draw a ticket for the winner of one of Pat’s pieces of art. I watched them stir the pot, and a woman I have never seen before named Ann, drew out a ticket. They called the winner 2..3..1..2..4..1..5. I giggled for a moment as I looked at it, then said, that would be me. I walked through the crowd and saw Mom, her eyes bright and the biggest smile on her face. But that is not the coolest part. Liza came up to me and said “ I was ONE number off” !!!!! She showed me her ticket, I couldn’t believe it. Then the realty of it all set in. We got the message Thadd. Loud and clear!

Out of all of those people, all there long before me, some who share friendships with Pat, her own husband, and many who don’t even know her, and yet, I won that painting. I left feeling pretty special, knowing that Liza was on the right path, and that, I was too.

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