The Littlest Angel

On my way to her house, I could feel my chest get heavy, as I got closer it got worse. By the time I was walking up to the door I was fighting back tears. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?? I have always been able to control my emotions (during a session ?! I knocked on the door and as it opened I realized what was happening. He was Two…

He was two, and I knew this, what I didn’t think about was that I had a two year old at home.. His mother opened the door, her incredibly calm energy and beautiful light put me at ease, at least for a minute anyway. I was instantly greeted by a GIANT picture of this sweet boy. Easton, was his name and he had a cape before he had wings. He was a super hero on earth, a fighter of epic proportions and his eyes told me he was an old soul. He had been here before, there was no doubt in my mind.

I sat down and got comfortable, probably the most comfortable I have ever been. There was something about his mother Shannon that made me feel safe, like she understood exactly what was about to happen. And it turns out she did. This wasn’t her first reading with Easton. This spiritual woman has a heart like I have never seen.

I began to tell her what I was seeing, hearing and feeling. These things are signs from our loved ones that work as evidence to prove that they are still with us in spirit. It is energy reading, that is all I was doing. Connecting with Easton energetically, I don’t know if that’s what did it or if it was the fact that I was picking up on his mothers energy? I could feel my eyes and nose begin to burn, I knew I was about 30 seconds away from having and emotional melt down. I can remember saying over and over again, oh my God, don’t do this, your fine, you can not cry in front of her, she’s lost more than you could ever imagine, you have no reason to cry, STOP! And then it happened, I began sobbing, crying so hard snot was running down my face, I could hardly breath and I was just barely able to get out the words “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, this has never happened to me before.” She said in the most calming voice its “okay, its actually refreshing to see someone touched in this way.”

As the reading went on he showed me two small sets of hands over and over again. Then he showed me his hand. Like a keep sake of some kind. He showed me these two small sets of hands over his… I saw my sign for pregnancy and was instantly confused! Here’s why… these little hands were black. I thought WHY is he showing me this. What does this mean, I almost didn’t say a word about this piece of information, but I decided hey, if he’s showing it to me it means something, so I said it. I said “he shows me two sets of small hands on top of his…anddd….they are black??”

I thought for sure she would say that doesn’t make sense, or I have no idea, or I’ll have to think on that one. Instead, she leaned her head back, smiled and said ahh… yes.. after his passing I took a mission trip to Haiti. While there I decided that I wanted to adopt children from Haiti, I fell in love with a set of Haitian twins and we are trying to see if we can adopt them.

I left that day with bright red eyes.. On my way out the door Easton said “Help my mommy”. I had no idea what he meant, I almost asked her but I didn’t. Later on that week I sent her a message that said if I can help in any way with adoption efforts, as far as a fundraiser of some sort let me know! I would be happy to help. She said so many people had already helped and been so gracious that she would feel bad asking for anymore help, plus at this point, they were kind of sitting ducks, waiting on more information before they could move forward with any sort of adoption efforts.

About six months later, I’m in the midst of putting together a huge event called “A True American Ghost Story”, it was an event where paranormal experts, normal people, and a medium got on stage and told true encounters from the other side. It was supposed to be a fun Halloween type of thing that was just something a little different than going to a haunted house! It was $20 to get in and 100 percent of the proceeds would be going to a charity. I had set my sights on something to do with the Hannibal Police Department, one of the task forces, something that saved lives or really made a difference. I just hadn’t decided yet, and was still waiting on a call back from HPD to meet with someone.

One night, I was headed to grab a bite to eat, all I had on my mind was if I was donating the money to the right place. Would all this work and effort pay off and really make a difference for someone? As I approached the drive through I heard very distinctly “Help My Mommy” I instantly knew who this was. I said buddy I already tried? I heard it again. I said “Okay, I will try again”. I sent Shannon a text that said something like, are you still wanting to bring those babies home? To which she responded “ interesting timing, I just got an email from the adoption agency asking us if we wanted to come volunteer at a Haitian orphanage (I believe this is a requirement in order to adopt) She said its going to be the first part of December and we really want to go, but trying to take off work, missing out on pay, scheduling conflicts among other issues make it a hard decision.

Now, I understood, “Help My Mommy”. Now I understood. We raised over $2000 for this amazing family to help cover the cost of plane tickets, missed work, and whatever else these amazing parents needed. The event was… well, pretty eventful (lets just say my husband will not be allowed to attend next year or drink for that matter and I’ll probably wear something a little less see through).

Seeing the pictures of what they were able to because they had the financial support of friends, family, and strangers was unbelievable. So Thank you Easton! For looking out for mom and dad! You sure are growing into a handsome little man!

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