“Stairway To Heaven”

I was in Springfield IL, this was my first time doing a Mediumship Demonstration there. As I started to give messages I began to slowly feel pulled to the left front row. I didn’t get a message at all just felt a strong pull to that area. So, I walked over and stood there for a moment, and waited. There she was, a beautiful little girl, I think her mom said she was 14 although she looked much younger to me. I stood for a moment and then began to hear music, whenever there is a special song I am supposed to speak about I’ll first hear the song “Sweet Caroline”. Then, often, the song I am supposed to bring up follows or I am shown a symbol to symbolize the title of the song. I waited… again… and there it was. The song “Stairway To Heaven” began to play in my head. It sounded so sweet so beautiful, I turned to the mother and I said, “she is playing the song “Stairway To Heaven”. If I recall correctly she gasped and shook her head yes. She said that when they were on the way home from her daughters funeral their son noticed the clouds in the sky. He said “look mom it looks like stairs in the clouds”, and at just that moment the song “Stairway To Heaven” began to play on the raido. I have no doubt her sweet girl, wanted to make sure that her family knew, she was with them at that very moment on that very day.


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