Do you ever surprise yourself?

Nearly a year ago I stood in my kitchen, in front of the microwave waiting on some water to warm up for some hot cocoa. My husband was drawing in the other room (he’s an artist!) and the kids were sound asleep. I heard what I thought was my husband CLEARLY say “Britney”. I walked into the living room and said “what?”…… He looked at me like I had lost it. I said, “you didn’t just say my name?” He replied “are you messing with me?” I said “I KNOW I just heard a man say name, like he was trying to get my attention!?” He said “sorry babe” and went back to what he was doing. At this point I don’t think much surprises him anymore.

I walked back in to the kitchen, it was late and I only had a light over the sink on. I looked around the room and my eyes stopped at one spot in the room. I knew that’s where it had come from but I didn’t see anything. I go my cocoa out and went back in the living room to sit down by Andrew. Pulled up Facebook and instantly saw where a friend had lost her son that very day. I told my husband, and we had a moment of silence for him. And then I said I KNOW his mother will be calling me I just know it. Andrew said,”yaaa, I doubt that but okay.”

About 6 months later, she contacted me, we set up an appointment and what unfolded after that was one of the most beautiful relationships of my life. I actually call her Mom now. One evening I was reading for her and her husband this was her second reading with me and a gift to her husband for their anniversary.

At one point during the reading they were telling me about a time when they were painting a number on a car for a demolition derby. I looked at them and said, was the number of the car 78 or some combination of 7 and 8? The husband slowly looked at me and said You know what I think it was.. Yes it was! Now a lot came to light that night for them, many memories were sparked and lots of evidence that their son was there reminiscing with them. But I have to say, that night, if there was ever any doubt in his mind on if this was real or not, it was gone. -Love You Mom


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