See How That Works..

The moment they sat down, I began to hear change.. yes change, as in coins. It was, as if someone was playing with change in their pocket. I waited a while before giving them this message becasue I wanted to see if I could get anything else with it. I wondered if maybe the man sitting across from me was seeing dime’s or penny’s everywhere he went. Knowing, that dime’s and penny’s (change in general really) has been said to be a sign from passed loved ones I really prefer not to talk about that. I try to stay away from all the obvious things (moms wedding ring, the tattoo, the butterfly, the feather) but when Spirit is persistent about something I am not bringing up, I know there is more to the story. I went on to give the father-daughter duo plenty of evidence that I had their Grandfather with us, but the sound of coins or change jiggling around wouldn’t stop. I finally looked at the man and said, your grandfather is playing with change in his pocket, was that something he did often. He smiled real big and said, “No, but I know what this is about”. He said “my grandfather used to have a coin with a naked lady on it, heads was her breasts and tails was her bottom. He said “it’s the only thing I have of his”. To me that was a very clear indication that his grandfather wanted to bring up that coin. Interpretation and mind mapping play a vital role in mediumship. We could not communicate with the other side without developing our own system of signs and symbols. Interpreting what they mean, isn’t always an easy task! It can be very hard for a Medium to see something in their mind that they have never seen in real life before. I’m not saying it’s impossible, because it isn’t. But it’s definitely not easy. Working with each other to put the pieces of your loved one’s message together is one of my favorite things to do…what a funny Grandpa he was!

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