About two years ago I got the itch to be a waitress. Odd, because I had already came out as a professional psychic medium, but something told me I had to do this, I had convinced myself I needed to “get out of the house”, “bring in a little extra money for our family” and, that, “I needed some me time” after having my second baby. In fact, that “something” told me exactly where I had to work. I was on a mission to get a job at this specific restaurant, (because I’m not sure how using their name may affect me I will give it a different name) “BootAlose” :). Again, odd because I had never even stepped foot in this place before, but I knew that was the place I had to be. It is, with out a doubt, one of the higher (if not the most expensive place to eat in a 30 mile radius) end restaurants in town. But, thats where intuition wanted me to go so I went. I walked in asked for an application filled it out, and got an interview.

Waitressing was a familiar territory for me, I had been a waitress in the past in so many places, starting at 15. I worked everywhere from high class country clubs, pizza joints, and even at Hooters of Columbia Missouri. It was hard work, but it paid great money! A few days later I got a call saying I got the job, and I was beyond excited to start, but I knew in the back of my mind this was only going to be temporary, which drove me insane. I can’t stand to know how something ends without knowing the whole story (but, that happens a lot for me). I started my new job around the end of November. My Mother and Mother in Law pulled together to help me with the kids on the nights that my husband and I both had to work. It was going good for a while, I enjoyed it for the most part, there was a couple of people with some negative energy that made the job harder than it needed to be at times but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t ignore.

Then one night about a month into the job, a familiar face walked through the door. It was the older sister of my little brothers best friend, Karen. She had a young man with her, good looking guy. They were seated in my section.  I remember walking up to them and I could feel the love at that table. She introduced me to Ryan, he had the sweetest smile, kindest eyes, and his personality was just electric! I asked them what brought them in and Karen said she was taking him out for his birthday! We joked for a while about it, because he hated his birthday, it was December 24th, Christmas Eve. He said he always wanted his own special day. They ended up staying until the place closed down! In fact, I had to tell them we were kicking them out! But it was such a beautiful special night. I was in no hurry to leave. It’s no secret I am a very impatient person, but there was a weird sense of calm that came over me while they were there. I was in no hurry to get home that night. However, there were others who were still there with me that were ready to get home, so the night ended.

I remember clocking out and walking to my cold car, and I felt a big sense of accomplishment come over me, it was unreal. Still, to this day I can’t explain it, but I decided that night after only a month of working there that I was done. I had completed whatever It was that I was supposed to do there. I thought wow, maybe I just needed to prove to myself that I had it in me to be a working mom? I really had no idea what was to come. I called and gave my two weeks the next day, and closed that short chapter of my life.

I went on to build up my spiritual guidance and mediumship business for several months , then one day it was around April 7th (I believe). I was on my way to visit a woman who had lost her son and I got a phone call from Karen. She said “Britney, I’m not sure why I called you but I think I need to speak with you, Ryan just passed away and I feel like I really need to reach out to him, could you help me with this?” Stunned, I said absolutely, and we made an appointment. Then I got off the phone and pulled into the drive way of the mother I was about to read for. A few days later Karen showed up at my house and I brought Ryan through for her. It was emotional, to say the least, but I felt she got a tiny bit of closure from this. A few days later Karen told me she wanted to buy Ryan’s father a reading. She felt like he could really use it. So, she gave me his address and two weeks later I drove to his house, as I pulled onto his street I realized he lived on the exact same street that the client I was about to visit lived on when Karen called me and told me that Ryan had passed. That sent a chill though my spine. What are the odds?? He met Karen and I at the door. He was, with out a doubt one of the nicest men I had ever met in my life, great disposition and personality he radiated warmth and kindness, much like Ryan.

We proceeded downstairs and started the reading. Ryan wasted no time coming through. He brought up plenty of evidence for this father, many fond memories and some down right ornery memories. One of the most interesting things he said just so happened to be something that at the time didn’t make much sense. I asked his father if Ryan had a sister he said “yes”, I said do you have a grandchild from her, to which he replied “no”, well is she pregnant, again he said “no”. Then Ryan said “I would be an amazing Uncle, I want her to have a baby”. And that was it. That was the end of the reading.

I asked his father if I could see Ryan’s room, as he was living with his parents at the time of his passing. He took me down a hallway and into his room. I walked around for a couple of minutes looking at things here and there, just feeling Ryan. It was nice, then as we walked out I heard “bring up the night stand”, so I looked back at it, then looked at his father and said, “has that always been there?” His father looked at me, in shock and said, “oh my God, when Ryan lived here, he would always put his drinks on the nightstand and I used to get after him all the time, I used to tell him he was going to ruin the table with rings from drinks. So, one day he brought an old night stand in that he got from some place like goodwill and replaced it with the nice one, so he could put his drinks on it. After he passed I put the nice one back by his bed!” I could tell in that moment this was a game changer for his father. He was officially a believer… Oh and about a month ago I received a message from Karen, she wanted to let me know Ryan’s sister was pregnant, and due on April 2nd, Ryan passed on April 1st.

To this day, I remain in contact with both of them. I am so thankful that I was able to meet Ryan in this life, and so grateful for the opportunity to speak for him as he resides on the other side. Your birthday is coming up, Happy Birthday, Uncle Ryan!

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