Repeating In My Head

A mother and her two daughters stepped into my office, they looked around for a moment and then had a seat. Their mother had, had a reading with me once before to connect with her daughter and she wanted her other two daughters to have a session with their older sister that had passed. I thought this was an absolutely beautiful gift to give as a mother. As we began I could feel the skepticism from the older sister as she sat directly in front of me. Almost instantly I heard “ask her about the jacket”, so I said “ok, your sister wants me to ask you about the jacket?” Her eyes widened and she looked back at her mother then back at me again, and said ” my sister had a jacket that I would steal of hers all the time, it would make her mad and so after she passed I put it on a hanger in her closet and never wore it again.” She sat back and looked at me, and then said “can you ask my sister if she remembers what we last did together?”

Here is were it gets interesting, and interpretation is always interesting isn’t it! HA! She started by showing me something repetitive, rowing a boat, the motions over and over again…Britney didn’t get it…She then showed me, her passing, over and over again… followed by me doing the bills which consisted of licking and stuffing envelopes over and over again. Again, Britney didn’t get it. She then says, “MOVIES”. I asked her sister “did you go to the movies” she said “yes” and we say the movie “Happy Death Day”, which is essentially a movie about dying over and over again ( in the movie the air would wake up and die all over again), hence her emphasis on repetition! I learned so much from this reading, I learned that sometimes I make things too hard, sometimes I try to over analyze the reading and it makes it impossible to interpret. The message I want you to receive from this reading is simple… don’t make it, so hard.

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