Prayer of Protection

I am often asked, “Are you scared to do this kind of work?!” My answer is simple. No, not at all. For me it’s almost as if there’s this unspoken agreement between myself and the Universe, that I will be protected as long as I am doing the “good work”. I truly feel that way..aaaasssss crazy as that sounds! And I know it does sound crazy. But I don’t know how else to say it.

I have never physically seen anything SCARY, never seen anything negative, dark energy or otherwise. And maybe part of that is because I refuse to give evil, or negative energy, existence in my life. I just, kind of, refuse. And that’s it. I’m not even really comfortable writing about that, but there’s no other way to put it out there for you. And I think you should know that, that is a possibility to refuse negative or dark energy in your life.

I remember when I put together the event “A True American Ghost Story” concert while I was interviewing Chris Dollbear (former creator of North East Missouri Paranormal investigations), he was telling me about a time when he experienced, (what sounded to me like a purely evil or negative entity) and my first question to him almost immediately after he was done was simply “Did You Pray before you did this paranormal investigation?” A devotee Christian himself He looked at me with a surprised look on his face, and said you know, no I didn’t. I think we kind of both realized something in that moment. Because I had always heard of people experiencing things like this, but I myself never had. Which I think is odd considering I work with spirit for a living. But I really think that was when it kind of clicked for me just how powerful prayer is. Now, I’m not saying as long as you pray and ask for protection for negative spirits that you will be safe! Not at all! This is just my tiny little personal experience, and for me it was a reminder of just how important this step is when dealing with the spirit wold! So here is the exact prayer I use! Feel free to use it!

I don’t just say this prayer when dealing with spirit. I actually say it more often than not when dealing with the living. Because I am highly emphatic and telepathic individual I find myself picking up on all kinds of energy from those around me. Shoot, sometimes I say this before I go into Walmart, or any place I am unsure of how the energy will be. Someone else’s physical and emotional energy can be incredibly draining.

“ Arch Angel Michael, I call upon you now, and ask that you envelope me in a thick layer of protection. Please keep anything negative, – energy, or entity away from me. Please keep me from taking on any negative energy that is not my own. Please watch over me and allow me to serve the highest good.  So it is and Amen.”

Any way! I hope this helps and answers some questions! Love you guys!

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  1. Kala says:

    When I was in college my dorm started having a lot of activity out of nowhere we would hear our bathroom door slam shut, things would move, and we constantly saw shadows. We’d constantly wake each other up in fear in the middle of the night. One night I had a dream about my great grandma who had passed. She was laying on her death bed and asked me to pray with her. I actually woke from the dream saying the Lords prayer out loud! From that day on we never had another problem in our room. I now say that prayer every night over my girls and before I go to bed! The power of prayer is so strong!

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