Please, Don’t ask to “Bring A Friend”

Attention! This is a public service announcement, from this Psychic Medium!

“Can I bring a friend?” Is probably the second most asked question I hear when clients set up an appointment. So, I have decided to write this article in hopes to address this question in a through enough manner, that I can literally just send this link, instead of typing out the exact same answer every time. Please keep In mind that every Psychic Medium has their own individual way of conducting private sessions. Our psychic and mediumship abilities are as individual as our singing voices. Therefore, we all go about conducting our readings differently. And before I even get started on my personal views. I want you to know upfront, I do NOT mind if you bring a friend. I really don’t! However, they will be charged the same price as you are to experience what you are experiencing. 🙂

Psychic or intuitive work for me, is energy work. I  use MY intuition, and energy to answer YOUR questions, and/or tell you what I see happening in the future, based on what I pick up both energetically and intuitively from you. It can be, at times, a draining process and we as intuitives take this work very seriously (at least most of us do anyway). Some of us spend an hour or more preparing for your readings by sitting in meditation, smudging, praying and clearing ourselves of stress and negativity to give you the best most effective reading possible. It’s because I take my work serious that I expect my clients to as well. I am NOT a ‘for our entertainment only” Psychic Medium.

So, with that said when you ask to bring a friend it can sometimes complicate what should be clear information that I receive for YOU…or is it for Sally? Or you? Oorrrr is this for Sally?? Wait whose going there, wait… huh?? It can be hard at times, to tell the difference between your energy and the guest you brought with you. This can complicate things quite a bit. In fact I just had this happen a few weeks ago, when an aunt and her niece came in for a reading. I told the niece she would be getting a promotion of some kind soon. She was perplexed because there was basically no way she could get a promotion where she worked. A week later the aunt sent me a message saying she had just been offered a promotion!

The same issue applies when you are getting a Mediumship reading. Unless you are a brother and sister wanting to connect to Mom or a Mom and son wanting to get ahold of Dad on the other side (or some similar combination of immediate family, which I call a family session) things can get a little off track. Often times even when you want to connect to the exact same person other Spirit people will come through! But typically being that close (immediate family members) you will have some sense of who this other spirit coming through is, say the best friend of your sisters or your shared grandfather. And in this case you are both still able to benefit from the reading.  When you are just two friends or even a married couple wanting to come in and connect with the Spirit world, I have found almost always one or the other ends up getting “more” of a reading than the other person. That can be disheartening, if you had been excited to hear from a certain loved one. If your okay with that then onward and upward bring along that friend!!

Just remember, you only have a certain amount of time with your Psychic/Medium. You are paying good money to be in that appointment. I myself, am typically booked a month in advance sometimes more. If you really don’t have an agenda in mind, money isn’t much of an issue, or you are doing this just for fun be my guest. I just know from previous appointments that have done this, someone always walks away a little upset if the reading didn’t have much do with them. And nearly all of them end up booking a second appointment with me…ALONE!

My recommendation for something a little less serious more light hearted, would me a platform mediumship demonstration at a much more discounted rate (than a private reading) that is always interesting to say the least and definitely the type of thing you could bring a friend, spouse, or family member to. So consider an audience reading, or one of my workshops the next time you want to enjoy some metaphysical fun with a friend!

The goal at the end of the day for me, is to give the most accurate information possible to my client during their private reading with me. Adding in someone else’s energy is like going to a restaurant that has a smoking and a non-smoking section. The entire restaurant will still be somewhat clouded with a bit of smoke. There is no getting around it. The same goes for what I do while giving you a private reading.

I hope this article has shed some light on helping you decide if you should bring that friend or not. Another note that should be added to this… Leave the cynical, critical, “you are never going to change my mind” friend at home too. It will most definitely bring down the vibrations of the room. It’s perfectly healthy to come as an open minded skeptic. I love skeptics and welcome them! If your reading this and have just made an appointment with me… I can’t wait to meet you!!! If you have already had an appointment with me.. I Love You and thank you. -bb

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