So for those of you who don’t know, I host an event called “Angel Messages”  (or in my business a platform mediumship demonstration) that I do in different cities a couple times a month. There are many mediums that do this with audiences numbers ranging from 10 to 1,000, and titles like “spirit circles’ and “messages from heaven” I try to keep my audience as small as I can while still making it worth my time. Although they are growing, putting a cap on 50 or less seems to be the most effective.

As I was preparing for one a few months ago for an audience of about 25, I remember a young man coming through before it was time for the event. This is pretty common, but he was persistent! As I greeted the group and we began, I remember the usual flood of spirit, and information from all different directions, but this guy kept standing out to me.

Once I found his mamma I brought her up and asked her to sit with me. He then directed me to her purse, I just had to go to her purse! I felt like a sniffing dog lol. I wanted to know all about her purse, where she sat it when she went home, the color, whatever I could I just wanted to go to her purse! It turned out she had put his ‘Chevrolet” car emblem (from the car he was in the process of restoring before his passing), in her purse before she left. He wanted her to know he had seen that, and that he was in fact still with her!

A while later I ended up doing a reading with Parker’s  whole family, I could feel upon arriving to their home that DAD was who we had to get to. When we sat down he gave me the number of the race car flag that was hanging in his room, some specifics on his car project and on his brother and sister among other things. But my absolute favorite was just as we were about to wrap it up, he told me to ask dad about the confederate flag.

His dad looked at me almost in dis-belief. He said, he loved to draw but never told me that for some reason. However, not long before his passing he did show his dad a picture of a confederate flag he had drawn and his dad said, “wow that’s pretty good”.  He went and got his cell phone for me and showed me that the flag his son had drawn was now his phone screen savor. Parker is pretty amazing.

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