The Littlest Angel

On my way to her house, I could feel my chest get heavy, as I got closer it got worse. By the time I was walking up to the door I was fighting back tears. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?? I have always been able to control my emotions (during

“How Did You KnOw?!”

The one question I get asked at least once a week… “how did you know”? It still catches me by surprise, that people are interested in hearing this story, but I get it. And I think in sharing it, it may very well help someone else! So, “How Did I

The Salem Story and My First Psychic Experience!

Since about age 10, I can remember being slightly obsessed with Salem Massachusetts. I think I’d heard of the town from the movie Hocus Pocus or some other Halloween movie like that (whatever was on the Disney channel I’m sure, lol) It got my attention instantly, that name. It sounded

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