A Phone Call From Heaven…

A client of mine named Lindsey, sent me a screen shot of her last missed call the other day…it was a missed call from her dad, which wouldn’t be unusual, except, her father has passed! I believe the picture speaks for its self. Now I gave the number a call

Crystal Clear

There were six of us total. My dear friend Pat (who I often refer to as mom) asked me to come over and do a family reading on the one year anniversary of her sons’ transition to the other side. Pat is an amazing artist. I love visiting her home,

Now I’m A Believer

While doing a reading for a mother who was skeptical, to say the least ( and who could blame her!?) My new friend Austin wanted to make one thing very clear. He directed me to shoes, he showed me all kinds of shoes.  All I really wanted to talk about


So for those of you who don’t know, I host an event called “Angel Messages”  (or in my business a platform mediumship demonstration) that I do in different cities a couple times a month. There are many mediums that do this with audiences numbers ranging from 10 to 1,000, and


I remember telling my moon Mom (Holly) there was someone she worked with that I was supposed to talk to, when this happens the appointment is free. I feel like it’s just one of those things you know. Always give back more than you take and the Universe will take

Prayer of Protection

I am often asked, “Are you scared to do this kind of work?!” My answer is simple. No, not at all. For me it’s almost as if there’s this unspoken agreement between myself and the Universe, that I will be protected as long as I am doing the “good work”.

The Necklace

I was in the middle of a very heated discussion with friend and former employee of my husbands. I was not being the positive, love and light, super nice bubbly person most of you know ( yeaaa I just built myself up there because I’m about to tear myself down…)

Barb-My Most Personal Story

The first time I met her there was an instant connection, my moon mom Holly (love you momma) introduced us and it was a moment in time, that would forever change the rest of my life. If you read my “How Did I Know” story you will remember that Barb

Do you ever surprise yourself?

Nearly a year ago I stood in my kitchen, in front of the microwave waiting on some water to warm up for some hot cocoa. My husband was drawing in the other room (he’s an artist!) and the kids were sound asleep. I heard what I thought was my husband

Universal Intervention??

The text read something like this… hello, my name is Erica my friend Kristen gave me your number and I wanted to set up a reading with you. My husband and I are having trouble getting pregnant and I was hoping you could give me some insight on the situation?

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