Pabst Blue Ribbon

I’m still not even sure how she found me, but that doesn’t matter. She did. And that’s what’s important. Her name is Tisha, she bought a ticket to attend one of my Mediumship Demonstrations, she sat all the way in the back, and yet I kept feeling pulled to her. However, every time I felt I had information for her from spirit, I assumed I was wrong because she didn’t say anything. At the end of the Mediumship Demonstration I kept seeing a beer can by Pabst Blue Ribbon. I asked several times if this meant anything to anyone in the group, yet no one said a word.

At the end of every demonstration I like to shake everyone’s hands and say good bye to them individually. I felt like Tisha was gone in a flash. I hardly said good bye and assumed that maybe this event wasn’t what she had in mind, or perhaps she was upset?

So it was a plseant surprise when not long after that she sent me a message interested in attending a few other events of mine, however it never panned out. Eventually she set up a private session with me. The moment she sat down her mother wasted no time stepping forward! She was an absolute delight to bring through!

She gave many bits of evidence to her daughter to confirm that she was with us in the room. My favorite was when her mother kept showing me, herself, IN Florida! It was as if she was visiting there at that very moment. When I relayed this to Tisha her eyes lit up! She said my Neice is in Florida now and took some of her ashes with her to spread in the ocean while she was there! Her mother asked Tisha to thank her Niece for that.

Her cousin also came through. He showed me his first initial an M, his name was Mike. Mike told me he was responsible for his passing and then showed me his brother and a connection of some kind with his passing. Tisha told me they both passed of suicide. Then she told me something that made me smile…

She said I don’t know if you remember or not, but when I attended the Mediumship Demonstration just before the end of it you said someone was showing you a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can. She said my cousin Mike LOVED Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. In fact, he had a tattoo of Pabst Blue Ribbon on his arm! She said she left the demonstration that night knowing that Mike had come through and she was happy about that.


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