Now I’m A Believer

While doing a reading for a mother who was skeptical, to say the least ( and who could blame her!?) My new friend Austin wanted to make one thing very clear. He directed me to shoes, he showed me all kinds of shoes.  All I really wanted to talk about at one point was shoes.

When I asked her why he was showing me shoes, she said that he used to wear his shoes until there was holes in them, that he hated getting new shoes! Now, for the most part I receive messages from spirit in two main ways, clairvoyantly, which is seeing signs, and in this case the sign was SHOES, and Clairaudnetly, when you can hear them say things that almost come across as if you were thinking or to have a thought.

I assumed I had made the connection when she said he didn’t like getting new shoes, and moved on. But I was wrong. we moved on but I continued to see shoes. Even hear the word SHOES! It was driving me insane and left me feeling like there was more.

Going against my better judgment, (this is where ego comes in, when you listen to the fear based ego you go into ego protection mode, very bad habit if your a medium) I decided not to say anything else about the shoes I was seeing because I didnt want to look crazy So instead I listened, and he said something like (from my memory here) “ I’m trying to give you signs, your reading to much into them, if you think it’s a sign form me, IT’S A SIGN MOM”. So I told her that.

As we were wrapping up her session she said, I can’t quit thinking about what you said about him giving me signs and the shoe reference, I may have got that wrong. She pushed her chair out took off her shoe and pulled out a note she had put in there that said “I love You Austin”  ahaahhaa!! SHOES!!!! Thanks for your help with that one Austin!! Your Awesome!

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