“How Did You KnOw?!”

The one question I get asked at least once a week… “how did you know”? It still catches me by surprise, that people are interested in hearing this story, but I get it. And I think in sharing it, it may very well help someone else!

So, “How Did I Know”. Let me first start off by saying, I have always felt different. Ok, lets be honest, I have always been “weird”.  I’ve always been weird. There I said it. My father would agree strongly with this statement. Growing up I was always drawn to the unknown, mysteries, and that which you could not explain. You should also know I’m a total skeptic! Yep! I’m a “show me the proof” kind of person. Which makes what I do all the more interesting!

My life leading up to the realization that I was a medium was like that of any other woman in her early 20’s. I went to college, got married, went back to college (cosmetology school) , and opened a salon. My life was simply amazing. But there was something missing. I had been reading tarot cards just for fun starting at about age 20. It was the one time I truly felt like myself. It was as if I had someone sitting in front of me that for the first time in my entire life spoke my language. I felt like I had a purpose, like I had been doing this my whole life, every time I sat down with someone. I never really felt inexperienced. It was the first time where I did something in my life and felt totally confident, completely normal. Tarot, was my normal?!

So here is where the mediumship part of my life kicks in full gear (and I mean like instantly)! My good friend Holly (meeting her is a story in itself, if you have been to one of my events I refer to her as “moon mamma” (we have matching moon tattoos behind our ears, hehe) introduced me to an amazing woman named Barb. Barb and I became fast friends and one day she called to invite me to join her at a “Spirit Circle”. I told her I didn’t have a sitter, (nor did I feel like driving three hours to get there and spending money on gas and a ticket). Barb was very persistent. She said, “I just feel like you NEED to experience this” (Barb is another story on her own as well, and when Barb says I think you need to try this, you think twice about it). After I got off the phone with her, my phone immediately lit up again, it was my mother. She was calling me to let me know that she was taking all the grandkids this weekend (the very weekend of the Spirit Circle) and requested that I bring them out and drop them off. (Pause for mind blowing…) oookay so ROAD TRIP! But hold on! Mind blowing is not over yet….No sooner did I get ready to text Barb, she had text me, she said “If you can get a sitter the ticket is on me, its my gift to you, please come if you can I want to see you.”

So, I went, and guess what. It confirmed EVVVVERYTHING I had ever experienced in my life that made me think I was… “Weird”. I remember sitting in the back listening to the other mediums do their thing and being unbelievably annoyed that I could not pay attention to what they were saying because of what my own mind was seeing, hearing, and feeling….are you ready for it? LIGHTBULB!!!! HoOOLLEEEY SHIT. Yup thats what I said. Holy Shit. It felt like the room got about three sizes smaller. I sat back in my chair and began to watch my own thoughts match those of one of the mediums talking. I even blurted out a few messages after getting nudged by Barb to do so. It was a long drive home that night…(the speeding ticket didn’t help) So many things going through my head.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this. I had no idea it was that simple, that, THAT’S how this all worked. I have to say as crazy as it sounds, MORE made sense to me at this point than not. Now, telling my husband, parents, and in-laws would be a totally different story. LOL. Some were not surprised, nearly all are VERY supportive. I am beyond blessed to have the love and support that I do from my family and what I get from my friends as far as support…. They will never know what it means to me to have them all by my side. Although I wouldn’t expect anything less!

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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    You look familiar. Were you doing a hotel session in Vancouver in the last year or two. I don’t think it was you, but have you ask… she kept on referring to a park and a gut growth and someone else kept talking about their loved one going to the park so I shut up. In fact, the closeby park was named after my husband who had pancreas cancer and it turned out his granddaughter was there too who I met. Amazing

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