I remember telling my moon Mom (Holly) there was someone she worked with that I was supposed to talk to, when this happens the appointment is free. I feel like it’s just one of those things you know. Always give back more than you take and the Universe will take care of you! I firmly believe in that, and it hasn’t let me down yet!

We were sitting at Olive Garden after a Metaphysical Fair in Springfield IL. She Hmmm…. well a couple people come to mind. I said this a Husband. She began to tell me something I can’t remember if it was the Husbands name or the Wife’s name or what exactly she said. But I promptly reminded her to not tell me a single thing about the situation. The less I know the better and easier my job is.

Days later I get a message on facebook, from the wife of the gentleman who had paid me a visit. She wanted to set up an appointment. I drove to her house, it was about a forty five minute drive. I don’t mind the drive, that seems to be when spirit visits me THE most and comes through the easiest. ( I hope my insurance agent isn’t reading my blog…) So I usually keep a pad of paper and a pencil in the passenger seat.

There were several things that I picked up from Jeromy on the way to his wife’s house. When I arrived, I instantly knew I would be come friends with this woman. I typically try very hard to keep my distance from clients but this was different.

On my way to her house I had seen a large truck that said the word “Fiber” on it. That stuck out to me and seemed strange for that moment but I didn’t think anything of it. However, during the reading her husband kept showing me the word fiber. I have no idea how to interpret this, no clue what kind of message this was supposed to me but her was relentless about it. So finally I just said… “this is going to sound really weird and make no sense but I’m just supposed to say fiber?”

She instantly busted into laughter and told me that she had to drink fiber every day and that he had bought her a big container of  “Fiber” to help her. There was a couple other little inside jokes about this “FIber” as well. But what it taught me was that no matter how ridiculous something sounds JUST SAY IT. Becasue chances are it will somehow spark just the right memories that Spirit is trying to get you to remember.

Interesting and cool update on this amazing woman as well. While yes she did become a friend of mine, we both still experience frequent visits from Jeromy. One of my favorites is when she began to date a man, she was a bit unsure of, but I assured her I felt nothing bad from him and that it was okay to begin dating. Then one night a light pole fell on his car, 😂 while working. It’s safe to say that relationship didn’t work out.

However, this beautiful woman did finally meet someone, and one day while she and I were talking Jeromy told me he was very happy with her boyfriend, and that in fact he felt as if he and her boyfriend would have been good friends if they had met in life… out of the blue her boyfriend told her that very same evening that he felt like he and Jeromy would have been good friends…now that my folks, THAT is pretty damn cool.




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