Crystal Clear

There were six of us total. My dear friend Pat (who I often refer to as mom) asked me to come over and do a family reading on the one year anniversary of her sons’ transition to the other side. Pat is an amazing artist. I love visiting her home, it’s full of inspiring ideas, developing projects, and pictures you feel, as if you could just jump right into. It feels like home.

I took my seat at her table, for some reason since day one, I have always sat in the same chair. The one chair her son used to sit in. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing this sweet man while he was here on earth, but we sure have gotten close since he’s been on the other side. Anyways, I’m just drawn to that spot.

At about half way through I began seeing a trivial pursuit card. I thought for a moment about what this could mean, what was this a sign for? This is called interpretation, and it is a very important part of what I do. I don’t always hear what spirit says, often times they speak in signs and symbols. So I asked the six sitters (a sitter is the person or persons getting a reading), “is someone here into trivia games?”

Instantly everyone shook their head no. Greeeeat… lol. Now I just look crazy… While we may seem crazy, were not, this is called misinterpretation. Essentially that’s what I am, and interpreter between two worlds. I have to build my own language with the other side. Misinterpretation is something I have to deal with every day. This part of my job is very hard to come to terms with, because it seems the cynical, non-believing side of society has made Mediums feel as if there is no room for error. You know the kind, well if your psychic what are the powerball numbers?! But that’s all this is. Its really very simple, I’m sorry nay sayers, I hate to tell you, misinterpretation is a thing. It doesn’t mean I’m wrong, it means I don’t fully understand what I’m seeing.

How often in life do you deal with that? Think about the last time you tried to play charades or pictionary. All the possibilities that come to your mind for what they were drawing, they were all only ideas that you KNOW about, only things you have experienced or have some sort of connection to. You don’t make up a word in your mind you have never heard of to describe what you are seeing, right? But what if the person drawing the picture is in fact, drawing something you have never seen or heard of? Or maybe you have heard of it but you can’t remember what its called, your brain can’t find the correct word to describe it?

That’s exactly what happened here. My brain found the one thing that it could relate to, in order to get the message that spirit was trying to relay through to them. After I asked if anyone was into trivia, or had any connection to it, Pat said, “no, but my son and I had a joke about the show Jeopardy? Could that be it?” I asked her to elaborate. She told us, that her son would come home from school and watch Jeopardy at 4pm, then, when she got home she would watch it on a different channel, at a later time with him. She said “he impressed me with how he knew the answers to all of the questions!”… eventually he came clean and told her he had been watching it before she got home. If you have ever heard of the show Jeopardy you would know it’s very much like a trivia game only on tv! This was one of their favorite memories, and they laughed pretty hard when they were talking about it that night. So usually this is where this story would end….but that’s not it. Because something pretty unusual happened right after that.

The moment after Pat was done telling me this story, I began to hear a VERY loud ringing in my ear, often times this is a sign from my guides that we figured it out! Except this was the loudest I had ever heard it, it actually took me by surprise. When I grabbed my ear and looked up another person said “what was that ringing, did you hear that?” I almost fell over! I couldn’t believe she heard that?! How on earth did she hear the ringing in MY ear!? She wasn’t the only one, 5 out of the 6 of us at that table had heard it! I still can’t explain this, but I feel like it was something pretty special. I felt a very deep connection to the people in that room. But I’m not done yet, sometimes messages do not need interpretations at all. Sometimes they are crystal clear…

I asked Pat and her Sister if they had any connection to crystal? Pat got up and came back with a crystal glass and sat it in front of me. I think I said something like “yea, that’s definitely crystal, it’s beautiful, what’s the connection here?” She said “my father sent this to my mother when he was overseas in WWII”. Let it be known at many different times throughout our session Pat’s mother came through.

Not all messages come through “Crystal Clear”, some of them you have to really work on to get figure them out. Kind of like a visit to your doctor, sometimes he knows right away what is wrong with you, and other times it requires more communication, blood tests, and research. It’s not like you just sit down in front of him, and not say a word about what’s ailing you, expecting him to properly predict exactly what’s wrong with you. My job isn’t easy, and I often struggle daily with the realization that what I do…is.. What I do. But at the end of the day, I can not deny the validity and over all accuracy of the messages or the comfort they bring to those needing confirmation that their loved ones are still with them in spirit form.


4 Replies to “Crystal Clear”

  1. Richetta says:

    I really love reading your blog and the wonderful readings you share. You are a very amazing person. Look forward to reading more.

  2. britneybuckwalter says:

    Thank you so much Richetta! I really am trying to work harder on getting the stories into edit before posting! LOL I was so exhausted last night that I posted this one without running it through. It’s a better read now, But I appreciate you even more for saying this before it was edited!! Thanks for reading!!!!

  3. Mindy says:

    Kind of like the reading my niece and I had. someone was possibly getting a promotion and we thought it was my niece when in fact it was me.

    • britneybuckwalter says:

      Yes! Absolutely! That is a blog post on it’s own! If your getting a reading with someone other than yourself, any bit of information I pick up on can be for ANYONE in the room. Thats just how it is! Thats why if your really looking to get THEEE most out of a reading I highly suggest doing it by yourself! Lol!

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