I took off the month of September to start writing my first book, which meant the amount of private readings I would be doing would be considerably less than I usually do, just a couple a week actually. I was doing this so I could truly focus on this book writing thing! Writing a book is hard work! During the over one-hour drive to Moberly Missouri for my reading that day, my mind started to wonder as it usually does. Amidst the bright blue sky, the trees flying past me as if they are the ones moving, and the random cars, I heard myself ask… “Am I getting rusty from taking this time off? Is that what happens if you don’t bring spirit through every single day? Do I have anything to worry about?” Just then, like clockwork, spirit chimed in. It was a mother, and she told me I would not be bringing her through today, but, that she would definitely show up for her daughter. She then showed me a picture of a young man and said, “this will be who you bring through today”. I paused for a minute, and then I said, “well ok!” I sat directly across from Samantha and her mother. I told them that a mother figure was coming through for them, but she wasn’t alone, I said “I feel a young man’s presence, like a brother to you, or a son to you (pointing to Samanthas’s mother) they both shook their heads, as if to say yes. I said “this man wants to confirm something about his passing. He says ,”it was an accident and I need you to know that”. They agreed that they wondered what truly happened, but said, “this confirms what we thought.” I said, “he is showing me a baby wrapped in pink, along with the letters C and K in association with this baby, he wants to acknowledge this, he is very happy and excited about this little girl” Samantha validated this statement by saying that since his passing she’d had a baby girl, they called her their miracle baby, because she was not supposed to be able to have children at all. She made her daughters middle name Kacie after her Uncle Casey who had passed years earlier. Casey then dangled some keys in front of me, as if to say, “bring up the keys, bring up the keys!” I asked the mother and daughter if there was any significance to keys with Casey, they both looked at each other, then back at me, and said, “yes, we both have matching key chains to remember Casey by”. This validation was immediately followed by a vision of Eagles and then Casey playing the song Hotel California for me, by… The Eagles. I told them what I was seeing, and then Casey’s mother put her hand over her mouth, with a gasp, she said, “the Eagle has always been our “sign” from Casey, he was an avid Harley Rider, so Eagles have always been our special sign”. Samantha then pulled out her keys. Attached was a stoic silver Harley Davidson eagle key chain in remembrance of Casey. Spirit never ceases to amaze me, they are brilliant at using one vision to give many messages. I felt an urgency to bring up the fact that Casey also brought up the California song, and so, I did. I brought it up again. Casey’s mother said that Casey lived in California, and that he wanted his ashes spread over the Golden Gate Park. Samantha said her mother was having a hard time going back to California without Casey. But to me, it was clear, he wanted his mother to do this for him. He wanted her to return to his favorite place on earth, to enjoy it, and find the beauty in that special place he called home. After the reading Samantha said that I brought through her brothers laid back, live life to the fullest personality through to a T, and while I feel and often say “it wasn’t me it was all spirit!”, it feels good at times to hear that confirmation. This reading reminded me that no matter how much time I take off, I will always walk between two worlds. I was grateful for Casey and his family for that reminder that day! If there is one thing we can all learn from Casey today, it is, to live your life to the absolute fullest! Do, all the things you have always dreamed of doing and don’t take a single day for granted!

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