Meet Britney!

Well hello there!

I’m Britney Buckwalter, welcome to “My Mom The Medium”. I am an intuitive medium, certified life coach, advanced certified angel card reader, and a spiritual guidance counselor! In addition to the above  I’m a teacher of metaphysics in my niche, as well as a writer (blogger)!

I am also the wife of an incredibly talented tattooist, and most importantly, above all… a MOM!!! I have two beautiful babies that are equal parts precious and chaos! I still have days in which I can’t believe THIS is my life! They are my biggest fans, my favorite people, the smartest, funniest, most adorable creatures I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Ok this is about me. Sorry, I kind of like them.

My goal as a blogger, is to enlighten and educate others on the fact that there is life after death, the soul lives on and that there is most definitely more to us than just this human body experience, to teach you about your own abilities, to be a support system for you, (that’s something I always wanted but didn’t have because I knew no one like me) to help build your confidence, to teach you how to connect, interpret and communicate with spirit, as well as how to use your own intuition to guide you though life. To help you find balance, and to assist you in finding a happy medium in this crazy thing called life!

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