I took off the month of September to start writing my first book, which meant the amount of private readings I would be doing would be considerably less than I usually do, just a couple a week actually. I was doing this so I could truly focus on this book

Repeating In My Head

A mother and her two daughters stepped into my office, they looked around for a moment and then had a seat. Their mother had, had a reading with me once before to connect with her daughter and she wanted her other two daughters to have a session with their older


About two years ago I got the itch to be a waitress. Odd, because I had already came out as a professional psychic medium, but something told me I had to do this, I had convinced myself I needed to “get out of the house”, “bring in a little extra

See How That Works..

The moment they sat down, I began to hear change.. yes change, as in coins. It was, as if someone was playing with change in their pocket. I waited a while before giving them this message becasue I wanted to see if I could get anything else with it. I

The Winning Number

Last night I attended an art gallery event for someone very special to me. Her name is Pat Kerns, and to say the least, she has become like a mother to me. Don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful mother who I am very blessed to have. However, Pat

“Stairway To Heaven”

I was in Springfield IL, this was my first time doing a Mediumship Demonstration there. As I started to give messages I began to slowly feel pulled to the left front row. I didn’t get a message at all just felt a strong pull to that area. So, I walked

Pabst Blue Ribbon

I’m still not even sure how she found me, but that doesn’t matter. She did. And that’s what’s important. Her name is Tisha, she bought a ticket to attend one of my Mediumship Demonstrations, she sat all the way in the back, and yet I kept feeling pulled to her.

The Las Vegas Shooting

It was during a private reading with a client turned friend, that I asked if she had plans to go on a vacation. She said, “yes actually I do, we are going to Vegas during the first week of October”. I sat there a minute, because what I felt physically

Where’s My Damn Boots!?

The call came while I was driving home. My favorite song was playing on Pandora, the sky looked beautiful. I didn’t recognize the number. Typically, when I don’t recognize the number aaaand my favorite song is on, I let voicemail pick up, because it most often turns into a longer

Please, Don’t ask to “Bring A Friend”

Attention! This is a public service announcement, from this Psychic Medium! “Can I bring a friend?” Is probably the second most asked question I hear when clients set up an appointment. So, I have decided to write this article in hopes to address this question in a through enough manner,

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